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Individuals suffering from dementia may hoard objects, including perishables. You can manage the hoarding and your level of stress by developing an individual strategy for changing the hoarding behaviour.
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  Strategies for Managing Hoarding
Try the following suggestions:
  • Important questions to ask yourself
  • Suggested interventions

Important questions
  • What is the individual hoarding and where they are hiding it?
  • Is the material perishable and dangerous?
  • Is the hoarded material important to you?
  • Does the hoarding occur in the same places and at certain times? Is it triggered by something?

Suggested Interventions
  • Remove or store valuable objects and documents in a secure or locked location.
  • Label clothes or other personal items.
  • Minimize the number of closets and drawers available to the hoarder.
  • Secure less accessible or infrequently used locations.
  • Provide appropriate objects for hoarding or allow the individual to store a limited number of desired items in a decorated hoarding box.
  • Always check wastebaskets before emptying them.
  • Avoid arguing.
  • Develop methods to distract or redirect when the individual becomes anxious about "lost " items.
  • Compromise.

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